Judging a University By Its Cover: Reasons To Attend a University Open Day


University Open Days are a good way for an applying student to feel the ambiance of the university itself. But don’t get too excited, Open Days are made so that a university can show off its best parts. It is organized with that in mind, so remember that they are doing this to keep you interested, whatever happens. We will give you a list of reasons why going to Open Days are absolutely essential, minus the marketing and cosmetics that universities put during those days, of course!


– To make a good decision, there must always be human intuition. Feeling that something is the right decision to make is one of the top factors in picking choices. Nothing beats human intuition. And in this case, feeling the atmosphere of the school itself firsthand is one way of knowing if you like it there. Try feeling the vibe of the place, and if you think it suits you, then put that university in your UCAS application! Or maybe not yet, since we’ll mention a few more considerations to do. Also, be sure to reassess yourself if the atmosphere feels genuine enough before you give your overall rating (if there was a rating of some kind)!

Subject Talks:

– Also considered as one of the major factors in going to an Open Day is attending subject talks. You have the chance to visit the department of the course you might study in that particular university. If you want to know the differences about courses and what they actually are, this is the right time for you to weigh them. Don’t worry, you can visit multiple departments, if you are curious of what other courses or subjects offer during the semester itself, and where it would lead you in the future.

Course Facilities:

– Some students fancy a course because they get to be jolly inside a fully-equipped laboratory and so much more. During Open Days, you can assess every facility that is available to you, and how much that particular university cares that your course gets the best equipment available in the market.

Meeting Current Students:

– Universities like to enlist current students that they have during Open Days, so they will most likely run tours, demonstrate whatever work they’re doing, and be able to entertain any answers from passers-by. This is one of the best opportunities to learn more about the university, because most students don’t have an agenda. They will answer your questions thoroughly and honestly, so that you’ll have an idea of what they experienced already. You may talk about anything–from how the professors teach, to how good the nightlife is. Don’t be afraid to ask.

Touring the Halls of Residence:

– Most of you would be moving away from home during your university stay for three to four years, and it would be extremely wise if you’d visit that university’s Hall of Residence, so you’ll get a glimpse of where you might be staying, if you are to move away from your parents. Let’s face it, who wouldn’t want to live in a good apartment, right? Touring with student accommodation in mind might give you a hint of how the university is keeping the students supported in terms of their standard in living.

Visiting the Locale:

– Of course, it’s normal that you wouldn’t just study once you’re in university. That would be borderline boring. There’s also plenty of time for hanging out and meeting new friends! It would be advisable to walk through the surrounding areas and see the nearest amenities from your university. Just remember, don’t drink and party too much!
So, there you have it, ladies and gents! We hope these reasons are enough to make you book yourself into one of your prospect university’s Open Day! Just like we’ve mentioned, it is a great way to assess universities firsthand, without having to be out in the blind of everything! We hope this proved useful to you, in some way!