Calculating The Years: Course Lengths


Courses differ mostly in length, since not all are the same in scope and structure. Sub-degree courses last about two years and full-time courses last from about four to six years. How long is your chosen course

Most full-time courses last three years, but some add another year to add a ‘sandwich’ or a placement year. This additional year is most likely spent abroad working or they get to study there for a whole year. Majority of language courses last about four years and both science and engineering courses sometimes lead to a Master’s degree after four years.

Did you know that it is also possible to add a foundation year before you start your course? Yes, you read that right! Though it will add an additional year in your preparation, it is mostly for applicants who took the wrong subjects in their exams and expect the same standard for entry as the courses they lead on to. But hang on, these foundation courses are not the same with each other. Some are designed for those who performed a little bit less the required entry qualifications for a course, and is designed to bring them up to speed. These foundation courses also differs in entry requirements, themselves. Mostly, they are have lower entry requirements.

Not all courses will be able to guarantee that you will be a professional after taking the expected years of that course. For example, studying medicine for five years will make you a doctor by profession, and studying six years of architecture will make you an architect. However, three years of law doesn’t mean that you’re a lawyer already. You must first take some kind of expertise, or exams. They are different regarding the requirement of the course itself. You get the point.
Lastly, the start of courses may not be exactly the same as others. While most courses start during September or October, there are a few courses that start during January. Majority of these courses are nursing. But, some universities also offer a spring start in other subjects. This is done partly just to fill quotas. Also, some universities offer two-year courses that are fast tracked in subjects such as law, accounting, and business. That’s all!