Fancy Seeing A Laundrette? Choosing a University Through Its Facilities

Student in Library

All universities have something in common. What’s that? That would be most of its facilities. They would naturally have a library, a sports centre, a health clinic, a career service and so much more. If you are trying to find a particular facility within a university, it’s best if you check them out now. Try creating a spreadsheet to see which universities you have applied on possesses the facilities that interests you.

If you are going to stay away from home while studying at a university, make sure that the university has an accommodation guarantee for students first. Some universities will offer to place you in a room with another student for your first year of undergraduate studies. Other universities offer up to later years, so check up on that. Also, be sure to check out on the condition and the deadlines of the guarantee, so you’ll be able to make it. One year of accommodation guarantee is not something to be looked down upon. You can save a whole lot of money for one year if your university offers those kinds of guarantees.

If you are a hardcore online gamer, you may want to check out if the rooms have broadband or WiFi access and if it’s free or not. Be sure to ask about the speed of the connection and other things internet-related. Gamers would know what they need to ask eventually.

Let’s say you aren’t able to live in a university accommodation for the rest of your study in that university, find out where the private accommodations are. Check where the surrounding amenities are located and if they are suited to all your needs. You may want the laundrette near you so you don’t have to walk a long way for your dirty undies. It is extremely important to check if you are safe there at night and if the crime rate is less within the area.

We all have hobbies at heart, and if you wish to follow yours while staying in university, it would be a huge factor in choosing where to study. There are a lot of organizations, societies, and the like once you’ve entered in university. There’s also the Students’ Union.

The Students’ Union, alternatively called Students’ Guild or Students’ Association, plays a huge part in the life of a student. Before, they are only unofficial organizations and they are just groups of students that either hosts parties or hosts protests for their rights. Now, they have evolved into a much wider range of services. They are providers of part-time jobs for students and are getting involved in their development of personal skills.

Since not every student can afford to go into college, universities have set up employment agencies or Job Shops for these students. They can mostly be found near the careers services or the Students’ Union centers. These agencies contact employers to help students find a suitable job for them. They will also make sure that the pay rate and the hours that you spend working are justifiable and within statutory guidelines. If you perceive that you might be needing some extra cash for your study, these agencies can help you with that, for sure!

If you are a student who has special needs, take the extra time to make sure that the university you are applying for caters to those needs. All universities have an understanding regarding the Disability and Equality Act of 2010 (remember, we’re focused in the UK).
All it takes to know something is to ask. Don’t be afraid to ask. It is your education that’s important here. So anything that can help you study better or live better while staying at university, ask of it. It is your right and your privilege to know these amenities and facilities that are available to you. Remember, choose the university that best suits your needs and can give you the best student experience, and also have the course you are most likely interested in!