Why You Should Work On Those A-Levels: Choosing University By Ranking


It would obviously be a lie if we tell you that most students would want to enroll in one of the lowest ranking universities in the country. Naturally, we all want to go to one of the best universities there is that we can possibly go to. The better the university, the better your chances at getting employed immediately after graduation, right? There is no doubt that quality is more important than quantity in terms of choosing the right university.

In the UK, Cambridge is the highest ranking university according to the University League Table that’s found here. Cambridge has an overall score of 1000 points with Oxford coming in at second place and London School of Economics at third. The League Table that is shown in the link measures every aspect of a university as a whole–its overall quality. You can also see every university’s standing in a particular subject if you opened the whole table.

Take note that even the best universities have weaknesses. It is true that these top universities show more excellence in most subjects, but even the low-ranking universities have specific subjects that they are known about. So don’t just take the main League Table as reference, but use it with the Subject Tables. It would be better if you are in a top-ranking university, but that would be useless if they’re not good in the subject that you are currently taking up.

As good as top universities get, they are more demanding than low-ranking universities. They would want to keep the standards high in their students, so obviously they would require a much higher grade requirement to be able to pass.

The main point here, though, is if you have done better than what you are expected in your examinations. It would be unrealistic if you did not do well in them, and yet aim for a high-ranking university. They would just ignore you straight away. It is best if you apply in a university that will consider your current examination results. If you’re taking A-levels and you expect to achieve AAA, then you probably have more options than other students. Unfortunately, if you are expecting to get CCC, then you might not be able to qualify in the top-ranking universities. It might be a bit harsh, but we don’t make the rules here. Some universities just demand more than others, and that would obviously be the topnotchers. They have every right to do so.
If you want to get into a high-ranking uni, then work on those AAAs! If it’s too late, don’t fret. There are still other universities out there that are willing to take you in. Not all of them are bad, you know!