Don’t Go Bankrupt: Choosing University Through Its Cost


We can’t deny that education is a privilege that should be given to every human being. Despite that being said, universities still cost more than anything else. It has been that way ever since. And we doubt that it will ever change. Nonetheless, we are here to tell you about how tuition fees affect choices […]

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Why Do They Matter? Choosing A University Through Type and Size


Not all universities are the same–we hope you know that by now. There are either old, new, and not-so-new universities. Most of them are good at what they do. It just takes the right research and the right guide to figure that out. Oh, we got you covered on the guide part. There are some […]

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Where Do You Want To Go? Choosing University by Location


Location is a huge factor in choosing a university to go into. It is also a huge factor to your education if you want to study near your family–or away from them. This choice is solely made by the student, unless your family still has the chains on you. It is good to discuss whether […]

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Managing Your Money As A Student


Living your life as a student in the United Kingdom involves being alone and being responsible of your own money, because your parents are not going to live with you anymore. You’re lucky if you still live with your parents and you get to live near the university that you are going to study, then […]

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Student Jobs: The Must-Knows For Working Students


  Getting into a university might be exciting and truly a privilege to have, but it might cost a bit more than what you expected. In the United Kingdom (yes, we will focus more on UK), there are prestigious universities that might get your attention, and they don’t cost cheap. So, what’s the solution for […]

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Do You Know Your Rights? Students’ Rights Under Consumer Law


Has it ever occurred to you what your rights are as a student? If it hasn’t, then you better know now. There’s a certain law that protects students in their struggle to find the right course and university. Have you ever heard of consumer law? Consumer law applies to you, as an incoming college student […]

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University Clearing: When You Didn’t Get Any Offer


You weren’t able to get an offer from any university or college you applied for? That sucks. It’s maddening to not have been able to get the offer you wanted from the schools you picked for yourself. It might be harsh and a bit disappointing, but there’s still hope! That’s where Clearing comes in! What […]

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This or That? Learning to Weigh Offers From Colleges


Getting accepted in one of your dream schools is a good thing, but what if you’re accepted in all of them? This is the hardest decision that an applicant could ever have during the whole college application process. For some, this is considered a blessing. There isn’t really a bad thing about having too much […]

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Finding Your Future: What Lies For You in University?


University applications are just around the corner. Universities are opening their doors for potential students with high caliber of skill and intellect. Degree programs are waiting for aspiring freshmen who are willing to put their lives on the line for glory. Just kidding! It is of great importance to most, and a big disappointment for others—that’s […]

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Trying To Find The Right One?

We all want to find the right university. We’ve spent our time battling to prepare for the highest level of challenge a young adult should have–college. During this time, we would learn not just about our majors, but also about different struggles that any person must face in order to survive in the world outside […]

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